Hi, my name is Hudis, and for the past seven years I've been living in Israel. When I had my first baby here I entered in to the world of buying baby clothes. I was so excited! But I quickly ran in to a problem. All the stretchies and cute little things I wanted were from America and I was in Israel.

So I had to buy them, get them shipped to my parents, have them give the package to someone that was coming to Israel and then I had to pick it up from them when they got here. Ugh, what a pain! My friends in America ran in to the same problem. While it was easy for me to send them baby gifts, how were they supposed to send me a gift! I needed to change this! And so Baby Boutique Israel was born.

I started importing some small accessories like milestone stickers/blankets and moccasins. Then came hats, swaddles and blankets. People loved it! Fueled by our success we started bringing in stretchies, bibs and towels. We began offering personalization and local delivery. Now we offer delivery to just about all of Israel! It's been a lot of hard work but Bh it's paid off. I can now say that if you want the American products here in Israel, you can have it.